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Six Sigma

Six sigma is a very powerful tool in the hands of a visionary leader. We at Qualimation believe that the combination of Quality training and the companies practical experience provides the essential skill set for the future of the organization.

We also support you in Integrating the Deep Analysis Six sigma program into your business strategy. Many companies have tried to fill the gaps in their talent and experience pools by taking this proven approach, and the results have often been astounding. The best way to approch this is to train and raise the skill of your own employees.


Six Sigma Yellow Belt

A Yellow Belt has the basic knowledge of most of the Six Sigma concepts and practices. They support the quality improvement projects often lead by the Deep Analyst who head the six sigma projects. The yellow belt is also a highly technical person, whoQual_yb participates in the core working of the continuous improvement projects. They many times are involved with process study, simulations, testing and analysis. The yellow belts support the green and black belts for the overall success of the six sigma process. Analytics experience has shown that It is better to initiate oneself into the yellow belt and develop into the green and black belts. This gives them the overall perspective the company needs when handling projects for quality improvement.

Under Qualimation direction or supervision, the quality yellow belt will be able to do analyses and solve quality problems; prepares quality inspection plans and instructions; select sampling plan applications; prepare procedures; train inspectors; perform audits; analyses quality costs and other quality data.

 Six Sigma Green Belt

The Green belts training helps you to understand deep into the Six Sigma techniques and also into the management of the qualityQual_gb improvement program. You will be able to develop a clear lead into most of the process controls and development activity after the completion of this program. Qualimation will guide in the use of DMAIC approch and support you in its implementation. The green belts have to coordinate the implementation of six sigma in their respective areas within the organization. They also support the black belts in forming the company wide six sigma implementation effort.

Six Sigma Black Belt

Black belts are the chief change agents to the six sigma program. Qualimation will support you with strategies that are needed for Qual_bbthe change. With Six-Sigma implementation you will be able to witness a cultural change in the organization. Using DMAIC you will be guided by Qualimation to raise the game in your organization. The Black belts have to coordinate the complete implementation of six sigma in all their respective areas, as well as support the management in developing long and short term strategies. There will be intense statistical training and these include problem solving, statistical modelling, regression, data analysis, Reliability Engineering, hypothesis testing, process capability analysis, analysis of variance and design of experiments, failure mode and effects analysis, and statistical process control.



Every organization must attend to the present, some attend to the present until the next recession happens. Some know the reason to their profits hence identify and adopt methods that protect them against such chance causes. Qualimation helps you create a balance between Long and Short term business strategies through a process of Revenue Maximization. Qualimation teaches you the full potential and power of analytic (Science of inference and planning)disorganization must collect and analyze data to determine system suitability and effectiveness so that improvements can be made.

Harness the full power of your process to achive best customer satsifaction by taking the Six-Sigma/Deep Analysis approach. Qualimation supports you in integrating this approach into your business strategy. We integrate all the proven quality disciplines so that you could focus on your product. Spread quality throughout your organization and build the culture of quality that gives you bottom-line results. Qualimation Enterprise membership provides the best results for your quality effortsand ensures Deep Analysis/ Six Sigma is part of your business culture.

Qualimation has methods to record and analyze customer complaints. Handling customer complaints can be difficult, but successful organisations rely on satisfied customers. Customers are increasingly demanding the best, fastest and most convenient and if they feel their complaint or objection is not being heard and dealt with effectively they will take their business elsewhere. Being able to listen, respond to and handle customer complaints in a positive manner will be an important step in creating long-term customer loyalty. At Qualimation we support you in understanding your customer better by analyzing and telling you what they realy mean or imply.


Measurement System Analysis (Gage R&R Studies) is a core component of the QS9000/ TS16949 Automotive Quality System Requirements. Measurement system analysis (MSA) technique is an important method which is used to analyze and measurement capability of a measurement system in a systematic way This course describes the complete philosophy, principle and methods of repeatability and reproducibility (R&R) in MSA and also introduces MSA techniques into the field of non-destructive testing (NDT). Sample worksheets will be given and value of R&R will be calculated and discussed.”

MSA and Six Sigma is one of the core components of the Six Sigma approach. Many problems encountered with Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Design of Experiments (DOE) are caused by problems with measurment systems. This full fledged course could be best suited to anybody who is concerned with process improvement with Six Sigma. In this course you will gain a thorough understanding of how to validate and improve your measurment system.



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