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Qualimations QA/QC Products


The Deep Analysis course helps you in accurately defining problems and identifying alternatives. When you complete this course you will acquire the following traits
  • Effective problem solver.
  • You become Fast and Focused.
  • Able to use data effectively.
  • Continuously suggest for Improvement.
 QA/QC Engineer Certification.
Course Contents:
1, Welding Engineering
2, Piping Engineering
3, Inspection Procedures in Oil & Gas Industry
4, ISO 9000
5, Familiarization of A.S.M.E Codes & Standards
6. Non- Destructive Testing Level -II Certification(ASNT).
7. Six Sigma Certification (Yellow/Green).
8. Piping CADD
High Salaries and Opportunities for Oil and Gas Jobs with QA/QC understanding and Certification.
1. QA/QC CERTIFICATION  –  ( 1 Certification )
a) Welding Engineering
b) Piping Engineering
c) Familiarization of ASME Codes & Standards
d) Inspection Procedures in Oil & Gas industry
e) ISO standards
2. NON-DESTRUCTIVE CERTIFICATION –  ( 6 Certifications )
a) Ultrasonic Testing
b) Radio graphic Testing
c) Radio graphic Film Interpretation
d) Magnetic Testing
e) Penetrant testing
f) Visual & Optical Testing
3. SIX SIGMA CERTIFICATION (Yellow/Green) – ( 1 Certification )
4. PIPING CAD – ( 1 Certification )
Invest in your career and your future by earning a Qualimations certification on Quality Assurance. Gain the advantage in your career and increase your
potential for a higher salary. Qualimations offers the best program in Quality Management with practical application and certification.
Take one course and gain enough knowledge to penetrate all job profile in Oil and Gas/Fabrication/Manufacturing Jobs.

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