” Qualimations is now ASNT corporate partner”

” Qualimations is now ASNT corporate partner”   Advertisements


BENEFITS 1 Monitors and provides feedback for keeping processes in control. 2 Triggers when a problem occurs 3 Differentiates between problems that are correctable and those that are due to chance. 4 Gives you better control of your process 5 Reduces need for inspection 6 Provides valuable knowledge in the working of the process. NEED FOR SPC You need SPC in […]


Overview The need for organizations to carefully monitor the quality of their products and services is no longer a optional in today’s economy. In order to maintain consistent quality standards, everyone must utilize techniques that are more advanced than their competitors. In all processes, we need to monitor the extent to which our products meet […]


OUTLINE . . . PROBLEM SOLVING : DEEP ANALYSIS Situation Analysis 1. What is Deep Analysis? 2. Identifying the Need for Deep Analysis. 3. Objectives of Deep Analysis. 4. Prioritizing problems. 5. Symptoms Vs Problems 6. Defining a Problem 7. Different perspectives of the same problem. 8. Forming the Team/Theme and Target. 9. Assumptions and […]


COURSE OVERVIEW In Deep Analysis you will learn about the methods of  problem-solving and how to manage a problem-solving process. This program provides you with processes and guidelines for identifying the failure mode and hence eliminate the symptom that triggers this failure. By completing this course you will be able to understand clearly the difference […]

DEEP ANALYSIS – Analyses deep and solve your problems.

Analyses deep and solve your problems. We strive to develop you into great leaders, by nurturing the qualities of Deep analyst in you. Solving problems using this methodology and implementing the correct solutions makes you a very effective person. The Deep Analysis course helps you in  accurately defining problems and identifying alternatives. When you complete […]


Deep Analysis is a problem solving methodology developed at Qualimation Technologies. Several proven problem solving methods are adopted by the group. These methods are standardised after consolidating experiences from several experts who had spent years solving problems in their respective field of work. The course is very effective and gives you a fresh approach to […]