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Every organisation must attend to the present, some attend to the present until the next recession happens. Some know the reason to their profits hence identify and adopt methods that protect them against such chance causes. Qualimation helps you create a balance between Long and Short term business strategies through a process of Revenue Maximization. Qualimation teaches you the full potential and power of analytic (Science of inference and planning).Organizations must collect and analyze data to determine system suitability and effectiveness so that improvements can be made.

Qualimation has methods to record and analyze customer complaints. Handling customer complaints can be difficult, but successful organisations rely on satisfied customers. Customers are increasingly demanding the best, fastest and most convenient and if they feel their complaint or objection is not being heard and dealt with effectively they will take their business elsewhere. Being able to listen, respond to and handle customer complaints in a positive manner will be an important step in creating long-term customer loyalty. At Qualimation we support you in understanding your customer better by analyzing and telling you what they really mean or imply.


  • Beat your competition by taking the Six Sigma approach
  • Develop a cadre of executives with world class six sigma leadership qualities.
  • Use Six Sigma to support your expansion agenda
  • Six Sigma can form as a driving force for change
  • Thoroughly understand the Input vs your output relationship through the quality cost approach.
  • Support sales through Improved Quality Rating ( Publish you as a six sigma company)
  • Develop a Quality knowledge base within the company
  • Learn the theory of planned change
  • Encourage continuous innovation.

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