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Six Sigma Application in Automobile Industry

Automobile manufacturers are the ideal candidates to benefit from Six Sigma quality improvement methodology. Their industry produces a complex product that results from a multitude of manufacturing processes. Auto makers acknowledge the importance of quality not only in producing a profitable product, but also in winning the hearts and minds of their customers. Throughout its history, the automobile industry has provided both good and bad examples of how to implement continuous quality improvement. Today, many auto makers are exemplifying the best way to implement Six Sigma methodology. .

Automobile manufacturers seeking to deploy Six Sigma methodology would do well to follow the lead of organizations that have implemented Six Sigma successfully. Six Sigma must be more than just a passing fad promoted by management. To receive the lasting benefits of Six Sigma, auto makers must have the philosophy engrained in their DNA..Read more

Date For Next Six Sigma : 26 to 28 September

Call for more details :+91 9940622700,8870180310

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