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Six Sigma Application In Logistics

As logistics and supply chain professionals, we all have one thing in common. This commonality is that time is a scarce resource, one that must be treated as a treasured commodity. This means that we must choose wisely when deciding what books to read or what avenues to pursue for professional development. With any luck, when we do invest our time in reading an industry book, we will walk away with one or two “golden nuggets” that can help us with our dayto- day responsibilities and challenges.

As the competitiveenvironment changes the way we do business, companies are embracing Lean and Six Sigma initiatives to support cost reductions and quality improvements. Although Lean and Six Sigma programs were separate initiatives in most organizations initially, today’s firms see that Lean and Six Sigma do not compete against but rather complement each other and provide for dovetailing of continuous improvement activities.Although logistics does involve internal operations and stretches to up- and downstream trading partners in the supply chain, it is fair to say that any definition of logistics will need to involve the management of inventory, whether it is in the form of hard goods (materials, people) or soft goods (information). If there is no inventory to move around, there is no need for logistics.

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