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DEEP ANALYSIS – Analyses deep and solve your problems.

Analyses deep and solve your problems.

We strive to develop you into great leaders, by nurturing the qualities of Deep analyst in you. Solving problems using this methodology and implementing the correct solutions makes you a very effective person. The Deep Analysis course helps you in  accurately defining problems and identifying alternatives. When you complete this course you will acquire the following traits.qual_deep

You become Fast and Focused.
Effective problem solver.
Able to use data effectively.
Continuously suggest for


Aggressively pursue the root cause

Qualimation develops Deep Analyst’s who are experts at correctly reaching the root cause of the problem. An explicit step of nearly all problem-solving models is identifying the root cause. But just because it’s explicit doesn’t mean it will happen. How many times we are inclined to take up positions as , Hey I know how that happened? Hey I am a techie, i know how to solve it. Identifying a problem’s true root cause must be encouraged, and it’s the Deep Analysts responsibility to see that this is done.

Identifying a root cause isn’t easy; it usually takes some serious investigation and intellectual tenacity. Keep in mind that a root cause is rarely the first thing that comes to mind. You always need a systematic methodology to pursue the root cause. Take the course on Deep Analysis and feel the difference.


The target audience for this program is anyone within the organization who needs to enhance their problem solving skills. This program does not tell you to find failure mode and establish solution It tells you the method to identify the failure modes and how to find the correct solution.

For More Details : http://www.qualimations.com/deepanalysis.html


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